International Day of Happiness can fuck right off


Grumpy Fuckers all over the world are staging protests at today’s International Day of Happiness.

Some grumpy fuckers are refusing to get out of bed while others are moping around with faces like slapped arses in protest of the day.

Clive Grimgrits, who runs Grumpy Fuckers Coffee Shop said:

“What a shower of shit. We all know that this day is a cynical ploy to get people to spend money. It ain’t going to happen because life isn’t one big happy bunch of roses. Get real people – we live to work and anything we want to do that’s fun is either taxed or banned. Here at Grumpy Fucker’s Coffee Shop, we’ll be spending the day drinking shit coffee and moaning about how shit everything is. International Day of Happiness can fuck right off.”

Organisers of International Day of Happiness are hoping that everyone suddenly becomes happy because of their official day.

“They can stick it up their fat arses,” added Clive.

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3 thoughts on “International Day of Happiness can fuck right off

  1. Grumpy In Illinois says:

    Sick, naive fucking arseholes! Do they not live in reality?!? Life sucks! It’s a world of shit with no hopes of ever getting better! They can shove their rose colored glasses right up their happy fucking arses! Twats!

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