Woman who was told to calm down doesn’t calm down


A woman who was told to calm down by her boyfriend has not calmed down.

Ethel Bobblehat said that being told to calm down was an open invitation to lose her shit.

She told Grumpy Fuckers:

“I was having an argument with my dickhead boyfriend, when I got a little bit angry. He wasn’t listening to a word I was saying and was trying to talk over me. I shouted a little bit, which was when he told me to calm down. I didn’t calm down. Instead, I lost my shit and smashed the house up.”

Boyfriend Ben said:

“I thought that telling her to calm down would calm her down but it didn’t calm her down, it made her not calm down even more. She smashed up the house and drove my car into a lake. She then came back and beat me with a rubber hose before setting the house on fire. I think I’ve learnt my lesson not to tell her to calm down when she’s angry because she definitely doesn’t calm down. She goes apeshit.”

1 thoughts on “Woman who was told to calm down doesn’t calm down

  1. Layne Marshal says:

    Royston, Royston, Royston. Why would you EVER think that telling an angry woman to calm down would actually calm her down. Perchance the problem is that you’re a playboy of the highest repute (for a playboy?) but still struggling to be a man?

    Anyway, for what it’s worth, you should know that there is a small town on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, after which you must have been named. No, not Butterscotch, BC. Royston, BC!

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