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Man who invented the phrase ‘Good Morning’ found murdered

The man who invented the phrase ‘Good Morning’ has been found fatally murdered in his apartment.

Cheery John Smiley coined the phrase back in 1952 as a way of making his employees feel valued as they arrived for work. He was found dead last night.

A police spokeswoman told GrumpyFuckers:

“He had it coming for a long time. Who the fuck thought of putting the words ‘good’ and ‘morning’ together? What a dick! The worst thing about it was that this fucker meant it. There is absolutely nothing good about mornings and I applaud the grumpy fucker who put this asshole to sleep for good. Now pass me my coffee.”

The phrase ‘Good Morning’ has gone on to prove very popular with people who have no idea of what life is really like and these people are often referred to as ‘assholes’ behind their back. Smiley was often the target of Grumpy Fuckers who wanted the phrase banned.

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7 thoughts on “Man who invented the phrase ‘Good Morning’ found murdered

  1. What about the twat who came up with “cheer up, it might never happen”?

    1. Yeah. He needs to have an accident too.

  2. I Just Spat out my Coffee Laughing far too much at this shit….Twat!

    1. Clean the fucking stuff up then.

  3. If I hear any of that shite tomorrow. Knowing that I haven’t won the lottery (again!).
    Someone WILL die.
    Feckin good morning on a Monday morning? My arse!!!

  4. What about the as whole who tells you to smile you’d look so pretty. Needs to be hit with a tank.

  5. I could see that! My kids tell me this shit every morning.
    I’m thinking “it is a good morning for you. You live, shit and eat here for free you little assholes’ .” Then I make them breakfast and smile, I think I’m the ass!!

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