Santa asking kids to leave out gin and donuts this year


Santa has reportedly been asking kids to leave out bottles of gin and boxes of donuts for him this year. Santa’s rough year means that he’d appreciate gin and donuts, rather than the traditional milk and mince pies this Christmas. He told Grumpy Fuckers: “I get fed up of the same old shit, year in […]

Man who invented the phrase ‘Good Morning’ found murdered

The man who invented the phrase ‘Good Morning’ has been found fatally murdered in his apartment. Cheery John Smiley coined the phrase back in 1952 as a way of making his employees feel valued as they arrived for work. He was found dead last night. A police spokeswoman told GrumpyFuckers: “He had it coming for […]

Woman spends day off work worrying about going back to work


A woman has spent her entire day off work worrying about going back to work. Sally Gumboots spent the entire day with a horrible pit-of-the-stomach feeling about going back to work the day after. She told Grumpy Fuckers: “Tuesday is normally my day off but it never feels like a day off because I spend […]

Police given new powers to taser people who whistle non-tunes

Police have been given new powers to taser people who whistle no tune in particular. People who whistle nothing in particular have become one of the world’s most annoying fuckers. A spokesman for the police force told Grumpy Fuckers: “These people are the scum of the earth. They go about their day, whistling any old […]

PROVEN: Resting bitch faces keep you looking young


Researchers at a very posh university have scientifically proven that people with resting bitch faces look younger. Their work proves that people who smile too much look wrinkly and that too much happiness can leave you looking haggard and miserable. Professor Brian CleverClogs who headed the study told Grumpy Fuckers: “Us clever people have suspected […]

People who whistle non-tunes can now legally be punched in the throat

People who whistle shit that doesn’t even resemble a song can now legally be punched in the throat. It means that people who appear happy in their jobs can be reminded that other people don’t want to listen to their shit. Police spokesman Danny LoveTruncheon told Grumpy Fuckers: “We’ve all heard it – some dickhead […]

Workers call ambulance for woman who turned up for work with no makeup on

Workers in a local shop have called for an ambulance for a woman who turned up for work with no makeup on. The friends, who didn’t recognise their co-worker at first, thought the woman was seriously ill. Mary ‘Jugs’ Layabout told Grumpy Fuckers: “I was just setting up the shop for the day when this […]

Man goes another day without using the algebra he learnt at school

A 32 year-old worker has spent another day not using the algebra he was taught at school. Neville Dickforbrains spent three years learning algebra at school before getting himself a job as a council worker. To date, he has spent 14 year and 3 months not using mathematical symbols and the rules for manipulating these […]

96% of people tell their pets that they ‘won’t be long’ when they pop out

A recent survey has discovered that 96% of people tell their pets that they ‘won’t be long’ when they pop out. The survey also showed that 100% of cats didn’t give a shit how long their owners were going to be out. Dr Colin Underchafing told Grumpy Fuckers: “While we eat some animals, we also […]

REVEALED: 10 minutes of work makes you start using the word ‘fuck’ like a comma


A new survey has revealed that just 10 minutes of work can make people use the word ‘fuck’ as if they were commas. The research was completed by a team at the University of Grumpy Fucks. They wanted to know why people were using the word so frequently. Professor FuckFace who led the research, told […]

Will you be calling in sick on 17th October – International Fuck Work Day?


That’s right! The day when we can finally tell work to go fuck itself is finally here. Grumpy Fuckers all over the world will be calling work and telling their managers where they can stick their shitty jobs. Campaign manager Clive Grimgrits, who runs Grumpy Fuckers Coffee Shop in Cardiff said: “I’ve worked for some […]

Scientists discover ‘dessert stomach’ that allows you to eat afters even if you are full

A leading scientist has discovered a hidden stomach in the human body, that allows people to eat desserts – even when they are full from eating a main course. David BoggleEyes made the discovery while out eating at a local restaurant. He told Grumpy Fuckers: “I was out having one of them eat-all-you-can meals down […]

Grumpiness linked to higher intelligence

Scientists have officially proved that intelligent people are the grumpiest fuckers on earth. The study showed that those who have an IQ of 140 or more were the grumpiest fuckers known to mankind. Professor CleverClogs who commissioned and carried out the study, told Grumpy Fuckers: “We’ve all had an inkling that those with greater intelligence […]

PROVEN: Coffee saves thousands of arrests every morning

Coffee saves thousands of people being arrested every morning, according to a recent survey. The survey, carried out by the University of Little Hope, published its findings yesterday. It also concluded that prison population was kept down by up to 50% thanks to the wonder drink. Professor Frank FourEyes, who led the survey, told Grumpy […]