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Woman admitted to hospital with severe shock after teenager son tidies room

A woman has been admitted to hospital with severe shock after she discovered that her teenage son had tidied his room.

Sheila Largecalves had returned home from work early after suffering from the shits. She arrived home to find her son’s bedroom in an acceptable condition.

Her husband Len told Grumpy Fuckers:

“I hadn’t noticed what had been going on because I was out of town with my mistress. My understanding is that she came home early from work as she wasn’t feeling too good. I don’t think our son George has ever tidied his room. I think he was intending bringing a girl back, which if true, is totally unacceptable.”

Sheila is making a good recovery in hospital. Her doctor said:

“She’s resting up now. She seems ok but she seems to be farting a lot in her sleep which is concerning us medical staff and the lady in the bed next door.”

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