Porn film banned for ‘falsely portraying plumber turning up when he said he would’

Legendary porn film ‘Debbie Does Phallus’ has been banned for portraying plumbers as people who turn up on time. The film, which features Dennis ‘ThunderRod’ Muggins as The Plumber, was made in 2010 by the now defunct Welsh porn company, Tits and Sheep. But the US and UK governments have jointly taken the unprecedented step […]

Nightclub bans pouting selfies to stop women looking like cockwombles

A Welsh nightclub has banned women from pouting when taking selfies to stop them looking like cockwombles. The Jurassic Park nightclub in Neath has slapped on the ban after women spent all night posing for selfies instead of buying drinks from the bar. Manager Clayton Smooth told GrumpyFuckers: “These women spend so long pouting that […]

Cardiff store apologises for offensive shop banner

A Cardiff shop has been forced to apologise after one of its banners contained an offensive typo. Bargain store Massive Discounts contracted a sign-maker to create a new banner for the shop front. Sadly, the banner contained the word ‘discocunt’ instead of the word ‘discount’. Shop manager Jim Bellend told Grumpy Fuckers: “I’ve always hammered […]

Supermarket opens new lane for women who can’t seem to locate their purse

A Chepstow supermarket has opened a new lane for women who can’t seem to locate their purse. The town’s Kwik Save store responded to customer feedback that some women shoppers were taking too long to find their purse. Manager Brendan TidyShoes told WalesOnCraic: “We had a lot of complaints about our female shoppers who would […]