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QUIZ: Are you an angry fucker?


Are you as cool as a cucumber or do you need to visit an anger management class? Let Grumpy Fuckers diagnose you with this fab quiz!

Welcome to your Are you an angry fucker?

1. You've just woken up and gone downstairs for some Cornflakes when you open
the fridge door to find that all the milk has gone. Do you?
2. You're driving to work when a cyclist pulls out in front of you, pedalling very slowly and not allowing you to overtake. Do you?
3. You get to work to find that your boss has sacked you and employed some bird with big wabbers. Do you?
4. When you get back to your car, you find that a traffic warden has just put a ticket on your car. Do you?
5. You arrive back at home and notice that some young scamp has put his football through
your front window. Do you?
6. You settle down with a few beers to comfort yourself by watching an episode of
Countdown. Unfortunately, the cricket has run over, meaning that today's episode will now be shown at a later date. Do you?
7. When you get back, your partner has left you, in favour of a homosexual relationship with someone they met yesterday. Do you?
8. You decide to comfort yourself with a bag of chips, but Mr Wong has decided not to open today as he's gone to watch the cricket. Do you?

10 thoughts on “QUIZ: Are you an angry fucker?

  1. Greetings fellow Grumpy Fuckers.

    1. Oh for Fucks sake that’s 5 minutes I’ll never get back

  2. To many fucking questions

  3. Well why the fuck did I answer the fucking stupid questions to start with, I think I will cheer myself up by hanging myself using razor wire….

    1. Me too!!!!

  4. Not a particularly angry or non-angry person?!? Seriously!?! FUCK OFF!!!!

  5. Are you fucking kidding me??!! I’m angry as fuck at this stupid……..*tosses work computer out window……kicks desk over…..and storms the fuck out of work…..*


  7. Not particularly angry or not angry? Try me!! Just fuckin’ try me!!!

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