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How grumpy are you? [Worker’s edition]

You might be a Grumpy Fucker without knowing it! Take our shitty quiz to find out!

[qsm quiz=1]

21 thoughts on “How grumpy are you? [Worker’s edition]

  1. I’m an international super grump.According to mý Classic Bike racing mates

    1. Who fucking dreamt up this shite? Goddamn genius!

  2. There is no next button

    1. Told you it was shitty.

      1. “Congratu-fucking-lations.
        You are indeed a proper Grumpy Fucker.”
        Well no fucking shit ya fucking fucks!
        Like I needed a survey to figure that out.
        Fuck off!

  3. Only somewhat grumpy?!
    Ok. I’ll work harder on it.

  4. Your test is shit
    Go fuck yourself

  5. I’m a proper Grumpy Fucker! You fuckers need to try harder. Ya’ fucks!

  6. Who fucking cares what I think of your stupid fucking questionaire? Fuck you.

  7. Somewhat grumpy? I fucking think not!

  8. Proper Grumpy Fucker? Why did I take this quiz? I must be fucking bored! I need to go out and fuck with somebody. But first I need a triple espress!

    1. Espresso! You stupid fucking bastards! Who the fuck is in charge of spell check?!

  9. It’s a fucktarded fucking shit set of questions anyway,
    Go fuck yourselves and I hope you have a really shit day fuckers

  10. I love you guys. Fuckers, the whole lot of you!!!

  11. A proper grumpy fucker? What the fuck! Well might as well get another cup of the rotten fucken office coffee before I head home to the fucken hell hole.

  12. I am so much of a Grumpy Fucker that I did not need to take the fucking test. But I took the fucking thing anyway. Why not, I am quarantined and have nothing else to do. I can’t wait until I can get outside and tell all these fuckers to go fuck themselves.

  13. I don’t even have a job, retired from that shit job on a shit pension. Stupid quiz made me relive that hell for the few minutes to give an honest answer. Fucking hell, off to get pissed, fuck off til your next stupid quiz. But, I’ll take it when it comes.

  14. Somewhat… SOMEWHAT? Fuck this …

  15. So I’ve just wasted 5 minutes of my life on this shit you fuckers need a labotamy

  16. Fuck off! Leave me alone fuckers!

  17. Somewhat grumpy???!!! Listen you fuckin asswipe, I’m actually fuckin antisocial until I’ve had my fuckin coffee in the morning. Even then I’m still antisocial after the first mug. It takes a lot for the antisocialness to wear off. You understand what I’m saying??? GOOD!!! NOW FUCK OFF!!!

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