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QUIZ: Are you on Santa’s Good List or Naughty List?

It won’t be long before the judgmental fucker that is Santa Claus will be jamming his fat arse down our chimneys. But are you on his Good List or his Naughty List? Find out here:

Welcome to your Are you on Santa's Good List or Bad List?

You are crossing the road when you spot a frail old lady with a small dog waiting to cross the road. Do you?
A small child trips in front of you spilling their sweets and grazing their knee. Do you?
You find a purse while you're waiting for the number 62 bus. It's wodged full of cash but also contains some ID belonging to a little old lady. Do you?
The local church is looking for new lead that has been stolen from their roof. Do you?
You borrow a DVD from a friend but when you get home, you realise the DVD in the case is one of their homemade porn films. Do you?
You are in a crowded lift and you've got the mother of all farts brewing. What do you do?
Your dog wants to go out for a walk but you're very tired. Do you?
A car pulls up and the driver asks you for directions. Do you?
What do you mostly use social media for?
What do you think of Santa Claus?

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QUIZ: Are you an angry fucker?


Are you as cool as a cucumber or do you need to visit an anger management class? Let Grumpy Fuckers diagnose you with this fab quiz!

Welcome to your Are you an angry fucker?

1. You've just woken up and gone downstairs for some Cornflakes when you open
the fridge door to find that all the milk has gone. Do you?
2. You're driving to work when a cyclist pulls out in front of you, pedalling very slowly and not allowing you to overtake. Do you?
3. You get to work to find that your boss has sacked you and employed some bird with big wabbers. Do you?
4. When you get back to your car, you find that a traffic warden has just put a ticket on your car. Do you?
5. You arrive back at home and notice that some young scamp has put his football through
your front window. Do you?
6. You settle down with a few beers to comfort yourself by watching an episode of
Countdown. Unfortunately, the cricket has run over, meaning that today's episode will now be shown at a later date. Do you?
7. When you get back, your partner has left you, in favour of a homosexual relationship with someone they met yesterday. Do you?
8. You decide to comfort yourself with a bag of chips, but Mr Wong has decided not to open today as he's gone to watch the cricket. Do you?

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How grumpy are you? [Worker’s edition]

You might be a Grumpy Fucker without knowing it! Take our shitty quiz to find out!

Welcome to your How Grumpy Are You? [Worker's Edition]

All you need to do to find out if you are a Grumpy Fucker at work is answer the following series of questions in an honest way. We know it's hard for you to be honest, but do at least try, eh?

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1. When you wake up in the mornings, what are the first words you utter?
2. What is your morning tipple?
3. What's the first thing you do when you get to work?
4. Your work phone rings. Do you?
5. It's lunch hour in work. Do you?
6. The afternoon is dragging. How do you pass the time?
7. It's home time. How do you leave the workplace?
8. You arrive home. What's the first thing you do?
9. A friend phones and asks if you fancy going out with them. Do you?