The word ‘Good’ banned from ‘Have a Good Day’

The word ‘good’ has been officially banned from the popular phrase ‘Have a good day’.

Government sources say that it more accurately reflects life in today’s modern world.

A spokeswoman said:

“I think it’s about time that we took a reality check and realised that the word ‘good’ doesn’t really add anything to our days. In fact, we are just deluding ourselves to the fact that we wake up each morning and think that today is going to be better than yesterday. We therefore decided to remove the word ‘good’ from the phrase ‘have a good day’ so that it more accurately portrays today’s life. Anyone caught saying ‘Have a good day’ will be put in prison for 37 or years or deported. We’d like to encourage people to use the new phrase of ‘Have a day’.”

One Grumpy Fucker said:

“This is one thing I can agree with the government on. I don’t have good days – just days. The new ban is therefore something I wholeheartedly agree with.”

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