Out of work Bill the Stickman lined up to go into Big Brother house

Former internet celebrity Bill the Stickman is being lined up to feature in the next season of Celebrity Big Brother.

Bill took the internet by storm in 2016 before everyone got fucked off with him and put out a contract for his demise. Bill went to ground and hasn’t been seen since.

However, his agent can exclusively reveal to Grumpy Fuckers that he’ll be appearing in the reality TV show.

He said:

“Bill’s be laying low for a while but he thinks it’s time to get back out into the real world. He still feels for his safety but is hoping that he can redeem himself via the medium of TV. If he can get his real personality across to the viewer, we think we might be able to save him. He’s currently a broken man – he needs this chance to show people what he’s really like.”

Celebrity Big Brother producer Buck Smiley said:

“We’re always on the lookout for washed up celebrities and Bill the Stickman really fits the bill. He’s not liked, has nothing going for him and he’s disposable. Just the sort of ‘celebrity’ we like to have on here. We look forward to watching his life collapse around him on live TV.”

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