Tube Chat badge for Grumpy Fuckers launched


A new set of badges discouraging people from chatting on London’s Underground has been launched.

It comes in response to an earlier initiative called Tube Chat, that tried to encourage commuters to chat, but ultimately went to shit.

One London commuter told Grumpy Fuckers.

“The last thing on earth that any commuter wants to do is chat to another fucking commuter. Making eye contact is bad enough but to actually want to hear about someone else’s shitty life – no thanks. I’d rather stare at the floor fucking floor.”

Clive GrimGrits, who invented the badge said:

“After my Grumpy Fucker Coffee Shop¬†went global, I figured it was mostly grumpy commuters coming in to grab their fix of coffee. London Underground recently launched a scheme to try and get people to talk to each other by wearing a badge saying that they were happy to talk. Experience tells me that people would rather eat their own sick that talk to someone else, especially that early in the morning. My new scheme will allow commuters to verbalise their thoughts without having to speak to any other fucker.”

Badges go on sale on Monday 10th October from this website.

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