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QUIZ: Are you on Santa’s Good List or Naughty List?

It won’t be long before the judgmental fucker that is Santa Claus will be jamming his fat arse down our chimneys. But are you on his Good List or his Naughty List? Find out here:

Welcome to your Are you on Santa's Good List or Bad List?

You are crossing the road when you spot a frail old lady with a small dog waiting to cross the road. Do you?
A small child trips in front of you spilling their sweets and grazing their knee. Do you?
You find a purse while you're waiting for the number 62 bus. It's wodged full of cash but also contains some ID belonging to a little old lady. Do you?
The local church is looking for new lead that has been stolen from their roof. Do you?
You borrow a DVD from a friend but when you get home, you realise the DVD in the case is one of their homemade porn films. Do you?
You are in a crowded lift and you've got the mother of all farts brewing. What do you do?
Your dog wants to go out for a walk but you're very tired. Do you?
A car pulls up and the driver asks you for directions. Do you?
What do you mostly use social media for?
What do you think of Santa Claus?

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3 thoughts on “QUIZ: Are you on Santa’s Good List or Naughty List?

  1. Send me my fucking ebook. Thank you x

  2. Sorry, I couldn’t kick the dog. Some fucker kicked my dog up the arse one day. I kicked him straight back square in the bollocks. As he was on his knees wailing in agony, I whipped out my wiil and took a hot piss right on his head. That should take me off that shitty, stupid fucking good list. Piss off Santa!

  3. Never call a perimenopausal woman “a bit boring.” Ever.
    She’s filled with rage and suffers a terminal case of “wtf??- I’m-so-not-taking-your-crap-anymore-I-might-be-exploding-from-terrifying-hot-flushes-any-minute-now-so-fuck-you-and-the-pussy-arsed-llama-suit-you-dress-up”… and is likely to out grumpy the grumpiest fucker alive… right before she stabs him in the eye with a red pen.
    And will then trundle off with his pressies brought by that fat fuck Santa, as well as her own.

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