Woman spends three hours doing hair to buy bread

A woman has spent three hours doing her hair nice so that she can go and buy a loaf of bread.

Emily Triplebelly washed it, blow-dried it and styled it in order to go and buy herself a small bloomer.

She told Grumpy Fuckers:

“I don’t get out much these days so it’s nice to make an effort. I got up early so that I had plenty of time. I didn’t want to rush anything in case the man down the shop noticed. Once I’d done my hair nice, I went to the shop and bought a loaf of bread. It was only a small loaf I wanted since I’m trying to cut down on my carbs these days. I’ve become the size of a small hippo since the lockdown. I came home and made a small sandwich with the bread I’d bought. Sadly, no one commented on my hair that I’d spent so long doing. Still, in my own mind, it looked nice and I was proud of myself for doing it.”

Emily plans on putting on her ballgown over the weekend to go and buy some eggs.

“I’ll have to get up very early for that,” she added.

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