New emoji expresses how much of a Grumpy Fucker you are

A new emoji has been launched, allowing people to express how much of a Grumpy Fucker they are with one push of their fat fucking thumb.

The new emoji is available on all good smart phones, and some shit ones.

Inventor Clive Grimgrits told a waiting audience:

“A Grumpy Fucker emoji has been a long time in the making. It’s taken years of research and development and tens of thousands of hours of blood, sweat and tears. Actually, that’s a lie. It took me three minutes to knock up on Photoshop. Even so, it looks pretty good and will help grumpy fuckers to express themselves in a way that words never could. We’ll be making the emoji available to all major phone providers but we’ll be looking to charge them millions so that we can retire and forget about working. We look forward to seeing the new emoji in action.”

But critics have pointed out that the new emoji is shit.

“It’s just been put together in three minutes on Photoshop. Where’s the thought behind it? It’s just some arsehole trying to make a quick buck. Disgraceful”

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