New dating site opens for people of mixed weights

A new online dating site has opened for people of mixed weights.

It means that fat fuckers can now date skinny fuckers at the click of a button.

Larry Lardarse, CEO of Fat v Skinny Dating told Grumpy Fuckers:

“It’s very rare that you see fat fuckers dating skinny fuckers and that’s all because of the stigma surrounding a fat fucker dating a skinny fucker. I was lying in bed last night next to my fat fucking wife and she asked me if I was going to make love to her. Of course I was going to make love to her – she’s my wife. Why wouldn’t I? But as I was there, banging away at her mound, it made me think about all the other skinny lads who were missing out on the fun that I have. The following day, I borrowed £250,000 from her to set up my own website especially for people of mixed weights. The best part about it is that I can log in as any of my clients so I can cheat on my wife and she’ll never know.”

Customers are expected to pay £30 a month in subscriptions.

“I’m so excited,” said Larry. “The first thing I’m going to buy with my huge income is a speedboat because I’ve always wanted one.”

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