World’s Grumpiest Husband 2018 Competition date announced

grumpy husband

The date of this year’s Grumpiest Husband Competition has been announced.

Friday 20th April will be the day that polls close and a winner announced.

Competition manager Clive Grimgrits told Grumpy Fuckers:

“We were inundated with entries last year. We had husbands who were moaning that they didn’t get food cooked for them after a long day at work; we had husbands who were moaning that they couldn’t get their ends away with their wives; we even had one husband moan that the TV remote control was too far away from him. The world is full of grumpy husbands and we’ll be wanting to find this year’s Grumpiest Fucker.”

There will be prizes for this year’s winner, including a World’s Grumpiest Husband T-shirt and mug.

“I’m sure that this year’s competition will be the best. If it isn’t, I’ll eat my hat. Metaphorically of course.”

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1 thoughts on “World’s Grumpiest Husband 2018 Competition date announced

  1. Gregory Chandler says:

    I would like to nominate myself as the worlds grumpiest husband.
    Please send me an application form, or contact my wife and kids!

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