Nationwide protests demand that politicians stop making everyone grumpy

Protests have broken out across the country, demanding that politicians stop turning people into grumpy fuckers.

100,000 people have lined the capital, chanting and holding placards to show how angry they are.

One protester told Grumpy Fuckers:

“I’m sick of it. Every time I turn on the TV, there’s some dickhead just waiting to rile me. It’s gotten to the point where they don’t even have to open their mouths any more – as soon as I see them, I want to punch someone in the throat. I’ve come here today to make my voice heard – I’m grumpy enough as it is without these fuckers making me worse.”

Another protester, armed with a placard reading ‘This is my protest placard’ said:

“We are a democracy and we need to be heard. Thousands of people across the nation are joining us in telling politicians that we’ve had enough. If you want to fuck yourselves over that’s fine – but just keep us out of it.”

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