Woman who was told by Careers Adviser to chase her dreams goes back to bed

A woman who was told by a Careers Adviser to follow her dreams has gone back to bed.

Julie LardArse took less than ten minutes to get home and back under her duvet.

She told Grumpy Fuckers:

“Chase my dreams? What’s all that shit about? The last time I followed anything I wanted, I ended up in jail. I thought going to see a Careers Adviser would give me the break in life I needed. I waited a whole hour to see the gobshite. First thing he asked me was how old I was, like that’s got anything to do with it. I told him where to go but he kept trying to give me this positive outlook on life. That’s the last thing I need at my age. He told me that it was never too late and that I had to follow my dreams. In a flash, I was out the door and heading back home and to my bed. It was still warm and the coffee I had next to it was just about drinkable.”

Julie’s husband Jake said:

“The woman needs no excuse to go back to bed. Not for filthy stuff though because that all ended the day we got married.”

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