Grumpy mother sends kids to school dressed as Kindles for World Book Day

A grumpy mother has sent her three children to school dressed as Kindles for World Book Day.

Debbie WideArse said she really didn’t have the time to make up any other fancy dress outfits.

She told Grumpy Fuckers:

“Every week there seems to be something I have to make or create for my kids to take to school. If I’m not creating life-sized dinosaurs out of cardboard boxes, I’m building a remote-controlled car out of wire. It was the last straw when I had a letter asking me to dress my kids up for World Book Day. That was it for me. I made three large cutouts of Kindles and stuck those on my kids and sent them to school. The teachers weren’t very happy and sent the kids home which is fine by me because I wanted to take them shopping for some new shoes.”

Pupils at the school were less than impressed with the children’s outfits. One stuck up 7 year-old say:

“My mother spend an absolute fortune on my outfit. What a lazy slut their mother is.”

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