Male version Alexa ‘doesn’t listen to a word you say’

A new ‘male’ version of Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa has been met with poor reviews following complaints that the device doesn’t listen to a word anyone’s saying.

Housewives across the country have been left frustrated with the device, commonly known as Alex, that only seems to light up and respond when there’s a mention of blow jobs.

One Alex user told Grumpy Fuckers:

“I bought one because I wanted a man around the house. I wanted him to just to listen to me but the more I spoke to him, the more he’d shut down and not respond. The more I spoke, the more he’d stop working. In the end, I mentioned the phrase ‘blow job’ and as soon as I’d said it, he lit up and started responding. If I need him to do anything, I just offer him sexual favours and he does what I want. I even asked it to clean my dishes and clear out my guttering and it did it all on the back of a promise of a cock suck.”

Managers at Amazon have asked owners to keep a record of any ongoing issues, and to let them know so that they can ignore them.

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