Libraries move ‘Post Apocalyptic Fiction’ books to ‘Non-Fiction’ shelves


Libraries across the country have moved the entire contents of their Post Apocalyptic Fiction shelves to that of Non-Fiction.

The reclassification follows a shitfest of a year that’s seen the world change as we know it.

One head librarian told Grumpy Fuckers:

“We always thought that the books in the Post Apocalyptic Fiction section were always a bit too far-fetched but even we didn’t think that the world would go to shit as much as it has done. Having looked through our catalogue of books, we’ve decided that most, if not all, of the Post Apocalyptic Fiction books now belong in the non-fiction section. I’ve got Babs to shift all the books from the one lot of shelves to the other. She’s done fuck all all year so it’s the least she can do.”

Book stores are likely to follow suit when they reopen. If they reopen.


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3 thoughts on “Libraries move ‘Post Apocalyptic Fiction’ books to ‘Non-Fiction’ shelves

  1. Carol Duncan says:

    You guys make me laugh so much. Pity you didn’t have a cafe here in South Australia. Keep up the good fun and laughs. Much appreciated.

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