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Get ready for International Grumpy Fuckers Day 2021 – Monday 30th August


Grumpy fuckers all over the world are preparing to celebrate International Grumpy Fucker Day, which this year takes place on Monday 30th August.

The fuckers have been moping around, grumbling to themselves and looking like sacks of shit in preparation for the big day.

One grumpy fucker said:

“Every day is International Grumpy Fucker Day in my life. The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is moan to myself about how shit my life is. I then go downstairs and make myself a shit cup of coffee. I head off to work about 8am and then spend the day working with arseholes. After that, I come back home, make myself a shit dinner and go to bed. That’s it. That’s my life.”

Another fucker said:

“Meh. Just get out of my face, fucker.”

International Grumpy Fucker Day was first celebrated in 2007. It’s been celebrated every year since because that’s how often annual events are celebrated.

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5 thoughts on “Get ready for International Grumpy Fuckers Day 2021 – Monday 30th August

  1. Hello grumpy fuckers nice to be with fellow grumpy oh fuck it

  2. I’ll be too fucking grumpy to celebrate anyfuckingthing! Fuck off!

  3. I’ll be celebrating this day with my grumpy fucking husband – I hate this fucker so much!!

  4. What the fuck? Who decides on the fucking date? What a motherfucker!

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