Daredevil drinks orange juice after brushing teeth

A 32 year old daredevil has drunk a whole glass of orange juice after brushing his teeth.

Gordon Wobblebottom sank the ice-cold glass of fruit juice after spending four minutes brushing his gnashers.

His wife Wendy told Grumpy Fuckers:

“Gordon’s always had a bit of a wild side to him and he’s often spoke about drinking a glass of orange juice after brushing his teeth. We’ve been married for 7 years now and every morning when he brushes his pegs he’s mentioned it. What I wasn’t expecting was him to do it for real. He went into training for it back in February and late last night down at the local leisure centre, he did it.”

Gordon brushed his teeth in front of a small socially-distanced crowd before downing the orange juice.

One eyewitness said:

“I couldn’t watch so I’ve no idea if he did if for real. I expect he did though because he said that he did. Brave man.”

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