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Get ready for International Grumpy Fuckers Day 2018 – Monday 24th September

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Grumpy fuckers all over the world are preparing to celebrate International Grumpy Fucker Day, which this year takes place on Monday 24th September.

The fuckers have been moping around, grumbling to themselves and looking like sacks of shit in preparation for the big day.

One grumpy fucker said:

“Every day is International Grumpy Fucker Day in my life. The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is moan to myself about how shit my life is. I then go downstairs and make myself a shit cup of coffee. I head off to work about 8am and then spend the day working with arseholes. After that, I come back home, make myself a shit dinner and go to bed. That’s it. That’s my life.”

Another fucker said:

“Meh. Just get out of my face, fucker.”

International Grumpy Fucker Day was first celebrated in 2007. It’s been celebrated every year since because that’s how often annual events are celebrated.


35 thoughts on “Get ready for International Grumpy Fuckers Day 2018 – Monday 24th September

  1. FO&D. Ha ha ha ha ha

  2. I’m only joining your site so I can complain directly to the intrusive git asking me to join your site. In my day you’dve shown more respect for my privacy. AND IT’S BISCUITS, NOT COOKIES!!!

    1. Fuck off fucker. Its international, we are allowed to say COOKIES!!! We kicked your asses twice for the right to call them what ever the fuck we want

      1. And as we all know, your comment just takes the biscuit, you arse.
        (note the correct spelling, and usage, as an ass is a type of mule.
        You muppet!

        1. If you had ever known a mule in person, you would clearly understand why we say ass, you ass. God, what a grumpy fucker…

      2. I bit like Vietnam then, just run away!!

      3. Is that where Father Christmas goes on holiday? Where you live though?

        1. is this my cousin, Karen Freeman? or you just some other grumpy fucker?

      4. Damn right you tell him!

    2. Inferiority complex or what! Get over yourself! American english used a lot of old english just FYI!

      1. There is no such thing as ‘American English’. There is English and there are mistakes.

    3. The hell you say. In the US of A, the things are called cookies. Biscuits here are little round unsweetened baked goods usually served at breakfast.

      1. Hey !!! what is called biscuit is the same in french, Biscuit so im always confused with the cookies and biscuits, if England and France and Canada (where i am from and speak french as well) say biscuit i would think it may very well be BISCUIT xox

  3. My type of site

  4. September 24th is my birthday, motherfuckers!

    1. It’s my birthday too mother fucker!

      1. And mine! Fuck off!

  5. Let me correct u sir its F.A.O.D

  6. It lands on my birthday you bet I’m in. I’ve been a grumpy Fucker for years. Grump away people it releases a lot of stress that some other fucker gave you.

  7. for fucks sake i heard it all now this world has gone to shit i saved the xmas card though few arsholes going to get that one .Especialy the dickhead who kepps posting HOW MANY FUCKING WEEKS IT IS TO XMAS FFS!!! best thing i ever got since my sarcastic kids got me my Grumpy Christmas book. god best thing on at xmas that was , i agreeed with every word they said ! Fuck Christmas spending all that fucking money on shite not doing it this year i keep telling her !!! 😉

  8. What a load of shite! If I haven’t got enough to moan about already!

  9. Hey mother fucker, this arshole needs a 3 x extra large shirt, where the fuck is it

    1. We’re having a meeting next week with a new supplier so we’ll let you fucking know.

      1. Fuck and off die?


  10. Well my birthday was 19 fuckin’ shit days ago.
    All it does is remind us wer’e another year closer to fuckin death….yippee!!

  11. Geez… A bunch of grumpy fuckers here!

  12. I have been a Grumpy FUCK for years because I never have any money left after my wife gets ahold of it!!!

  13. Sir! I object most vociferously of being implied that I should be equated as a ‘grumpy old expletive’. Every morning I review local and world news and put it all into logic perspective. It is NOT my fault that a-holes ignore my constructive comments!

  14. Took me fucking ages to work out where I could make a comment and now I seriously can’t be arsed

  15. Where the duck is my previous comment?

  16. Grumpy is a way of life, I put a lot of effort into being it. It’s about bloody time I was recognised for it.. but know I won’t get fuck all.. miserable bastards..

    1. We’re launching a Grumpy Fucker of the Year Competition in a few weeks.

  17. Like I need a “day”

  18. This could be my favourite fucking day in the whole shitty fucking year! All that enthusiasm has worn me out. Where’s my fucking coffee?

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