New app help fuckers find lost socks

A new app has been launched to help fuckers find their lost socks.

The FindMySock app can even find socks that have seemingly vanished in the washing machine.

Creator Jimmy Fuckface said:

“I’ve lost shitloads of socks over the years. It got so bad that I realised that I had to do something. I knew that I was very clever so I came up with this amazing app that I’m going to charge through the nose for. It helps fuckers find their socks and can be useful for tracing long lost socks that have vanished in the washing machine. I’d like everyone in the world to buy it so that I can retire within the next year and live on a tropical island where topless women bring me ice cold gin and tonic every hour on the hour.”

Critics have pointed out flaws with the new app, saying that no-one has ever been able to find socks that have gone missing from a washing machine.

“This app’s a load of shit,” said one critic. “I wouldn’t use it if anyone paid me to.”

The app is available in most good outlets and some shit ones

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