Famous coffee shop changes its name to Grumpy Fuckers Covfefe Shop

World-famous coffee shop Grumpy Fuckers Coffee Shop has changed its name to Grumpy Fuckers Covfefe Shop in honour of Donald Trump’s now infamous tweet.

Trump was reportedly halfway through a tweet when the magic mushrooms he’d taken kicked in.

A spokesman for the White House said:

“These are the words of a true leader. People have been asking us all day what covfefe actually means – the word is Latin for great and glorious leader of the free world. It’s a word that defies meaning. Only certain people can say this word. It’s so special that it’s not even in the dictionary. You will find that our Chosen One was given this word by God himself. No ordinary man can comprehend it.”

Another spokesman said:

“Yeah Trump was off his tits. He was halfway through his tweet before he started dribbling and talking bollocks.”

1 thoughts on “Famous coffee shop changes its name to Grumpy Fuckers Covfefe Shop

  1. Peter says:

    I have a brother who is a real prick in the morning. Nothing is good enough for him. He bitches about the neighbours, paying taxes, whines intensely about how hard it is to find hired help and is generally disagreeable as fuck in the morning. He thought drinking 12 cups of coffee a day was the problem. Now he drinks tea. Do you Grumpy Fuckers have a fuck off tea I can get him?

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