Woman paints smile on her face to get her through her shitty day

A woman has painted a smile onto her face to help her get through her shitty day.

Debbie FatArse says that it saves her the effort of pretending to be ok with things.

She told Grumpy Fuckers:

“My day’s hard enough without other dickheads making it worse. I always get told to cheer the fuck up when I’m in work and I really can’t be arsed to smile fake smiles. I thought it’d be a lot easier just to paint a happy face on my miserable face and then I can get through my shitty day without exerting myself too much. It’s worked wonders over the last few days as I haven’t had to speak to anyone because they think I’m a happy bastard. I wash my happy face off at night so that I can be a miserable bastard naturally at home.”

Co-workers have been amazed at Debbie’s overnight transformation. One said:

“She looks so happy these days. Either she’s getting a good seeing to every night or she’s on some kind of medication. Either way, I want what she’s having.”

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