Wife finds scissors in drawer after husband says that they weren’t in there

A wife has found a pair of scissors in a drawer that her husband had only just looked in.

Husband Terry DumbAss had searched through the drawer after his wife Debbie had asked if they were in there.

Debbie told GrumpyFuckers:

“I asked my asshole husband Terry if he could fetch me the pair of scissors that were in the drawer. I needed to cut a label off a new blouse I’d just bought for $4. The asshole went to the drawer to find the scissors and after ten minutes, he came back and said that he couldn’t find them. I asked him if he’d looked properly and he assured me that he had. I then visited the drawer myself and found them straight away. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Last week, I asked him to go find me my toenail clippers and after half hour, I had to go them myself because he could see them, even though they were there right in front of him. Asshole.”

Debbie has decided not to ask her husband to find any more things around the house but has filed for divorce instead.

2 thoughts on “Wife finds scissors in drawer after husband says that they weren’t in there

  1. Jonette Tierney says:

    Really John? Really? Last time I asked you to find my fucking contraceptive you said you couldn’t find it, but there the hell it was on the night stand right in front of you. Dumb ass. I want a divorce!

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