Two Grumpy F*ckers cheered up after finding Pokemon in fat stripper’s arse

Two grumpy f*ckers had smiles put on their faces when they found a Pokemon living in the arsecheeks of a fat stripper.

Andy and Chris, both 35, found the Pokemon after downloading the Pokemon Go app last night.

Andy told GrumpyFuckers:

“I’ve been a right miserable shit these last few weeks. The last thing I thought would cheer me up was finding an imaginary cartoon character between a fat woman’s buns. Me and Chris were just wandering around like to dickheads when all of a sudden, we spotted it. My life has now totally changed for me – I feel like a new man.”

Friend Chris wasn’t so impressed.

“I just wanted to go and see a fat woman getting her kit off. This has been a real distraction.”

Chris did finally smile for the camera when the fat woman agreed to have her photo taken with the boys.

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