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New ruling says two-faced friends ‘should get bitch-slapped twice’

A new ruling by the International Court has deemed that two-faced friends should be bitch-slapped twice – one for each face. The new ruling is designed to provide victims of two-faced fuckers with some retribution. A spokesman for the International Court told GrumpyFuckers: “We’ve all been on the receiving end of some two-faced twat. This […]

Man accidentally discovers the one thing that’s guaranteed to turn a woman on

A man has discovered the Holy Grail of the human psyche – the one thing that turns every woman on. George ‘George’ Simpleton made the discovery by accident when after he had ordered a takeaway from his local Chinese. He told GrumpyFuckers: “I’d cleaned the kitchen before we had takeout but after we’d eaten, there […]

Men to receive free evening classes to decipher women’s non-verbal cues

Men are to receive free evening classes to help them decipher women’s non-verbal cues. The announcement was made today by some guy from the government. He told GrumpyFuckers: “Us lads have no idea what women mean when they say stuff. Last night, my missis told me that I was a fat, overpaid twat. I found […]

Wife who told husband not to buy anything for her birthday disappointed that husband didn’t buy anything for her birthday

A woman who specifically told her husband not to buy her anything for her birthday has told of her disappointment that her husband didn’t buy her anything for her birthday. Joan ‘Joan’ Strumpet, 39, told her husband not to spend any money on her birthday but to put it towards a holiday. Husband Dean didn’t […]