Runner set personal best but forgets to share it on Facebook

A runner has set a personal best but stupidly, has totally forgotten to post it to Facebook.

Denise Lardarse beat her previous best of 32:45 to run down the chippy and back last night.

She told Grumpy Fuckers:

“I was so excited about the bag of chips I’d just bought, I totally forgot to share my personal best with my friends and family on Facebook. I can’t believe I wasted that opportunity. Normally I share every single run I do, just to impress everybody. They love seeing my stats and all the maps of where I go and that. They think I’m so healthy but really, I’m just running to the chippy and back. They do a lovely line in steak and kidney pies and I can’t stop eating the bastards.”

Denise’s new time of 5 minutes and 3 seconds shaves nearly half an hour off her personal best. Her husband Tim said:

“She took the car last night. You did know that didn’t you? She set the RunKeeper app on her phone to run, got in the Austin Allegro and drove to the chippie.”

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Get your Grumpy Fucker Christmas cards here

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