Rescue workers recover 643 bodies after 2-seater plane crashes into cemetery

Rescue workers have recovered 643 bodies after a 2-seater plane crashed into a cemetery.

The Cessna aircraft hit a Chinese lantern and crashed. Rescue workers cordoned off the cemetery where the plane came down and are still recovering bodies.

Rescue worker Glynne ThickHead said:

“I was eating my tea when I heard the crash. We came up here and feared the worst. Me and my mates went down to Homebase to buy some of that yellow tape and then we went up and cordoned off the area. The plane was in bits. It’s taken us a few hours but we’ve so far pulled up 643 bodies and sent them to hospital for identification. I’m off home in a minute, if you can just mind the area.”

Locals say that the digging is disrupting their TV viewing. Carl Goggins said:

“I’ve been trying to watch my Game Of Thrones box set but this digging is doing my nut in. Why can’t planes stay clear of our area? It’s just not on.”

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