Nominations now open to find the World’s Grumpiest Husband

Nominations to find the world’s Grumpiest Husband have are now open.

The competition will take place in November at Grumpy Fuckers Coffee Shop in Cardiff.

Manager Clive GrimGrits said:

“Yeah we’ve got this shitty competition because no one else will host the fucking thing. I’ll guess I’ll have to get some shitty food and drink in for all the assholes who think they’ve going to turn up and win.”

Organiser Jimmy NoMates said:

“We’re looking for the miserablest bastards in the world. The ones who get out of bed and mope around all day moaning about how shit life is. We want the grumpiest of the grumpiest and we won’t stop until we find him.”

The winner will receive fuck all. Probably just a nice medal or something.


1 thoughts on “Nominations now open to find the World’s Grumpiest Husband

  1. Julie Budd says:

    No miserable bastard ever walked the face of this rotten earth than an aging amercan hippy! I don’t give a rats ass about his bloody acid trips and peace marches and all the subversive groups he got stoned with in the 1960’s! All he does is grump and gripe about his sore bones and aching hangover! Smoke some damn pot you lousy bastard and shut it already!

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