New Cafe Vodka Valium Latte launched for those who struggle in the mornings

A new brand of coffee has been launched at a famous coffee house in Wales.

The Cafe Vodka Valium Latte (commonly known as The Bomb) went on sale at Grumpy Fuckers Coffee House in Cardiff yesterday.

Shop manager Clive GrimGrits told local press:

“We get all kinds of grumpy fuckers in here in the mornings and the one thing they all tell us is that they need something stronger to get them through the day. We went to the drawing board and did a bit of homework, before coming up with this little baby. We tried it on our staff yesterday and none of them can remember anything about it so it’ll be perfect for our customers. We’re going to keep the exact recipe a secret because we’re tight fuckers and we don’t want anyone else making money off the back of it but its essential ingredients are plastered on the outside of the mug.”

One customer said:

“I had two of these fuckers over breakfast and I went into work singing. I was promptly sacked, which was perfect for me.”

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