Kids’ Easter Egg Hunts prove the little fuckers can find things when they want

Easter Egg Hunts across the country are proving that kids can find things when they really, really want to.

Children often have problems locating clean clothes, the things that they were sent upstairs to fetch, as well as inner calm.

Frank ‘Humpty’ EggHead, who runs local Egg Hunts said:

“I’m sure that this is something that’s played out across the country. But chuck in a few bits of chocolate and maybe some toys and these kids can sniff them out from 3 miles. At one recent event, we even encased some treats inside some lead and buried underground. Even Superman couldn’t find them, but sure as fuck, these kids found them and ate them inside ten minutes. Back at home, I ask them where their dirty school uniform is so that it can be washed, and they can’t find a thing. Send them upstairs to fetch my reading glasses – can’t find them. Ask them to simmer down and find some inner calm – bullshit. Their talent soon deserts them.”

One parent added:

“I sent my daughter outside to find my phone as I’d last used it when I was outside gardening. She couldn’t find my phone but she did find her way to the local supermarket and bought herself a shitload of sweets and candy.”

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