37% men grow beards to cover up their ugly faces

37% of all men grow beards to cover up their pig-ugly faces.

The recent study showed that ugly men would grow their beards all over their faces if they could.

Kevin LardArse who ran the study said:

“The recent rise of the hipster look has given men the ideal opportunity to cover up their face if they themselves deemed them ugly. Previously, we used to see lads walking around with cardboard boxes on their heads but not so much these days. The hipster beard means that these boys can still show their faces in public and even attempt to try and chat others up- all without the need for a cardboard box. Our figures showed that 37% of men across the world only grew their beard so that they don’t look so bad. We were also surprised at how ugly some of the men were when they shaved their beards off.”

One participant in the study said that he had another reason for growing a beard:

“My chin looks like a pair of large buttocks so I was more than happy when the hipster beard look came along. I can walk to the shops now without looking as if I’ve got a massive arse hanging off my face.”

The other 63% questions said that they grew their beards because they look dashingly handsome with them.

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