Are you grumpy enough to work at this coffee shop?

A world-famous coffee shop is recruiting new members of staff but on one condition – that they’re a Grumpy Fucker.

Grumpy Fuckers Coffee Shop is looking for miserable bastards to serve up coffee and pick up crap after people.

Manager Clive Grimgrits said:

“We’ve had grumpy fuckers coming here from all over the world. Most of them are local fuckers who don’t want to go to work and come here to get away from how shit their life is. But over the years, we’ve grown quite to the point where we need to hire new members of staff. We’re not looking for anyone who thinks that life is great because it’s not – it’s shit. We are looking for someone who really couldn’t give two shiny shites about our customers because they don’t care about us so why should we about them?”

Customer Jimmy MiseryGuts said:

“The coffee here tastes like cat’s piss but that’s ok because I’d rather that than going to work. I’d work here if I could but I think I’d probably want to punch someone in the face on my first day and where I come from, I could probably be arrested for that.”

Grumpy Fuckers Coffee Shop is currently accepting CVs, written application letters and bribes.

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