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Dog convinced he owns the street

A pet dog has told Grumpy Fuckers that he’s convinced that he owns the street he lives on.

Rover the dog barks at any other animal or human that dares pass outside his house.

Rover told Grumpy Fuckers:

“I was born to own this street. This street is mine. Any other bastard comes past my house and I’m there, barking away like a bastard. My owners think that they own the house that we live in but I keep reminding them that the house actually belongs to the bank. Unlike them, I actually own this street. It’s mine. Everything belongs to me. The cars, the houses, the tarmac. It’s all mine.”

Rover’s owners said that their dog is deluded.

“He’s a pain in the arse to be honest. He snores and smells like shit.”

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2 thoughts on “Dog convinced he owns the street

  1. I love the things you guys write about. The humour is so engaging.

  2. My Sophie does the same thing… Wish I could post a pic of her..
    Hello from California!!!!!

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