‘Asshole’ officially the most common word used by motorists

The word ‘asshole’ has been officially announced as the most common word used by motorists.

The announcement was made by Reg Plate, who has been conducting a survey of popular words used by motorists since last year.

He told Grumpy Fuckers:

“By far and away, ‘asshole’ was the word that most motorists used the most. In some cases, it was used up to 40 times a minute and is therefore the choice word of motorists, usually to describe other motorists. Second on the list was ‘fucking asshole’, followed by ‘shithead’ and ‘cockwomble’. The word used least by motorist was ‘thanks’. It’s been an interesting study, namely because I don’t do any other work and my wife was glad to see me get out of the house because she hates my guts since I ran off with another woman.”

Reg plans to conduct another survey to find out the most popular word for workers is.

“I’m guessing it’s probably going to be very similar to our findings for motorists but I’m yet to start work on that because I’m a lazy shit.”

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