Summer 2016 officially classified as the Summer of Shit

The summer of 2016 has officially been classified at the Summer of Shit.

It follows shit events happening all around the world as well as a record number of Grumpy Fuckers in the country.

A spokesman for the Association of Shit Stuff said:

“Yeah, 2016 has been a shitter of a year. We’ve lots shitloads of famous and talented people dying on us; we’ve got assholes killing other people for no reason whatsoever, and of course, there’s the real possibility that Donald Trump could end up as the President of the United States. All in all, it’s been a real fucker of a year so far and there appears to be no sign of it abating.”

One Grumpy Fucker added:

“It’s been a total cockwomble of a year. Only last week, my wife told me that I was a dickhead and last night, I dropped my dinner all down my brand new shirt. What is this world coming to?”

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