Angry driver fits 34 curse words into one sentence


An angry driver has managed to fit 34 curse words into one single sentence.

Karl Wetcleft came out with the record-breaking outburst when some fucker pulled out in front of him quickly and then drove very slowly.

Wetcleft told Grumpy Fuckers:

“I was driving down the fucking street like I normally fucking do when this fucking fucker just pulled out on me like he was in some massive fucking rush. I fucking swore at him good and proper but when the fucker started driving at 15mph, I lost my shit. I came out with curse words I never even knew existed. I went on for about a good two minutes and it was only when I ran out of breath that I realised I’d broken the world record. Luckily, the fucker who’d pulled out on me fucked off and I was allowed to continue on my fucking way. If he’d be in front of me for a fucking minute longer, he’d have had my fucking fist in his face.”

Wetcleft has been contacted by the World Record Association to collect his prize.

“I hope it’s a shitload of money,” he said.

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6 thoughts on “Angry driver fits 34 curse words into one sentence

  1. Barth Moss says:

    I was expecting you stunned Fuckers to include the Fuckin’ stupid Mother Fucking record Fucking breaking sentence in the story … What a bunch of dumb asshole shitheads for leading people on and wasting their cœk licking time …

  2. Grumpy In Illinois says:

    Only fucking 34?? Fucking twatwaffle needs to fucking try fucking harder. Bloody dicklicker is a shitwad amatuer! Asshat! Who the fuck taught the that bungsurfer how to fucking curse?? Fannyfaced little cumsucking turdburglar! Hmf!

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