Get ready for Grumpy Fuckers Awareness Week!

The 2019 Grumpy Fuckers Awareness week has been launched at a shitty coffee shop in Wales.

This year’s Grumpy Fuckers Awareness Week takes place from 6th-13th February, and will include several days of fuckers of moping around with a face like a slapped arse.

Organiser Clive Grimgrits, who also manages Grumpy Fuckers Coffee Shop in Cardiff, said:

“This affliction can happen to anyone, especially in this day and age. I went to a supermarket last night to pick up some coffee for the shop and on the way out, this old fucker just stopped walking and stood there in the doorway to check her receipt. She was blocking everyone who wanted to come in and out. I wasn’t in a particularly good mood anyway but this instantly turned me into a Grumpy Fucker. Of course, lots of other people are grumpy because they have to work with arseholes and dickheads. It’s those people we should feel sorry for and that’s what this week is all about.

“Awareness is important! Let’s get the message out there that it’s ok to be a Grumpy Fucker. You’ve got this! You are enough and other overused and dismissive clichés,” he added.

Grumpy Fucker Awareness Week will kick off with a shitty coffee morning at Grumpy Fuckers Coffee Shop. No other events have been planned as yet because organisers can’t be arsed.

Are you a Grumpy Fucker? Has life turned you from a bouncy, young, happy-go-lucky spring chicken to an old miserable fucking fucker? Ah well. Tough shit. That’s life for you.

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7 thoughts on “Get ready for Grumpy Fuckers Awareness Week!

  1. Dick says:

    Just thought I’d get a quick note before “Grumpy Fuckers Awareness Week”
    When the fuck are you going to start selling COFFEE. I keep checking your “Stuff we haven’t got yet”, and it’s pissing me off, because you don’t have a fucking thing listed. WHAT THE FUCK!
    The winters here in Wisconsin, USA, generally are for SHIT! Shit cold weather that makes your ass pucker and stick to cheap ass plastic seats, but most Wisconsinites are pretty nice people because we have fucking supper clubs here where we get drunk and tell complete strangers our fucking for shit life story, whether they want to hear it or not. Fuck ‘em.
    Anyway, I guess a fucking coffee mug will have to do, if they weren’t so fucking expensive. Maybe I’ll get around to ordering one, who fucking knows.
    Gotta let the fucking dog out AGAIN in this shit weather, so, have a nice day.

    • Dick says:

      So…………….. I can be a crabbyass fuckhead ALL the time without trying to cram it all in one fucking week. Whoop-de-fucking -do.
      Hope you’re having a nice fucking day.

  2. Barbara says:

    this website is hillarious. I found it while looking up good morning. I hate mornings. this cheered me up so much I started to tear. OMG. it’s funny.

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