Woman forgets to take phone to the shitter

A 40 year old woman has forgotten to take her phone on her visit to the shitter.

Beverly GlumPlums resorted to reading the bottles of cleaning products under the sink after her stupid mistake.

She told Grumpy Fuckers:

“I always take my phone to the shitter. Every single time. Except for this time obvs. It wasn’t until I’d dropped my load that I realised I’d forgotten my phone. I was devastated. I really didn’t know what to do because I usually like to sit there for an hour or so looking at the crap my friends had posted on their social media. I sat looking around the bathroom for a few minutes before realising that the only thing I could read were the bottles of cleaning products. There was a bottle of bleach and also some disinfectant. I learnt lots from reading the bottles but it wasn’t the same as having my phone. After I left the shitter, I had to have a lie down. That’s how exhausting it was.”

Bev’s mum also called Bev said:

“My daughter’s a lazy waster. I want her to get off her fat arse, get herself a job and a house so she can stop shitting in my shitter.”

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