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Will you be calling in sick on 5th October – International Fuck Work Day?

Fuck Work Day

That’s right! The day when we can finally tell work to go fuck itself is finally here.

Grumpy Fuckers all over the world will be calling work and telling their managers where they can stick their shitty jobs.

Campaign manager Clive Grimgrits, who runs Grumpy Fuckers Coffee Shop in Cardiff said:

“I’ve worked for some right arseholes in my time and all I ever wanted to do was tell them to go fuck themselves. I came up with the idea of International Fuck Work Day to allow people to express their true feelings for their jobs and work. Over 90% of the world’s population work under some kind of manager and 89% of those managers are arseholes. It’s a day when we can call in sick, crack open a few beers and not give a flying fuck about those shitty managers and those shitty jobs.”

One manager said:

“I’m expecting half my team to not turn up for work on the day. It’s not that I’ve been an arsehole manager but the job is really shitty. I might be joining them actually.”

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6 thoughts on “Will you be calling in sick on 5th October – International Fuck Work Day?

  1. What a bunch of holeasses

  2. Finally a holiday I can support and celebrate!!

  3. Tuesday?? FFS!! What’s wrong with a Monday? Then tell them to fuck off for the whole week!

  4. Happens to be my birthday too!!! Perfect!!!!

  5. That is a great day. Except I’m retired now, wish I would have known.about it when I was working. Had a real holeass. And that was everyone’s opinion

  6. Maybe…if I could afford it,I might…but…the cheap cunts barely pay me,as it is.I’m pretty sure that fucking off of work,without coming close to dying,might be viewed quite poorly,by those who’ve never cracked a sweat,behind their desks.

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