Putting duvet cover on when tired replaces divorce as world’s most stressful life event

Putting a duvet cover on has officially replaced divorce as the world’s most stressful life event.

The news won’t come as a shock to many who struggle weekly with putting the fucking thing on.

Student Jimmy Foureyes told GrumpyFuckers:

“I’ve been through a lot of shit in my life already but nothing compares to the sheer hell of trying to put a duvet cover on when you’re really tired. I literally just want to punch down all the walls in my bedroom, run out into the street and strangle the first person I come across. It’s that bad. How other people manage, I’ve got no fucking idea.”

Professor Tarquin Shitface, who led the survey that led to the outcome, said:

“I’m very posh so I pay someone to do mine. They bring in a team of people to do it. They come out very stressed. I can’t do it myself because I’m too posh.”

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