PROVEN: Mums are right about everyf*ckingthing

Scientists have proved the theory that mums are right about everyf*cking thing.

Children who think that they know best have been told to shut the f*ck up and listen to their mothers.

One mother told Grumpyf*ckers:

“I’ve been telling the little shits who live with me for 20 years now that I know best. Everything they’ve done, I’ve done it before and learnt from it. Take my daughter for instance. She banging this married man who told her that he’d leave his wife for her. A year down the line and what do you know? He still hasn’t left her. I’ve been telling my daughter for a whole year that this guy is a cockwomble and that she has to get rid of him. It’s only now that she’s realising that what I’ve been saying all along is right. Why don’t they just listen to what I have to say in the first place? It’d save them a lot of hassle and stress.”

One child said:

“My mum always thinks she’s right and most of the time she is. But she did say recently that Alice Cooper is still looking sexy and I don’t thinks she’s quite right about that.”

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