Man spends who spent his entire life paying bills dies

A man who has spent his entire life paying bills has died.

Clarence Dullard started paying his bills when he was just 16 years and spent the following 71 years paying them.

Daughter Molly said:

“Dad spent his entire life paying bills but sadly after paying them for 71 years, he died. We were watching telly. He just kind of pulled a face and that was it – he was gone. I look back over his 71 years of him paying his bills and wonder if he’d have had more fun if he’d said ‘Fuck it’, bought a camper van and went to see the world. History has a funny way of repeating itself too as I’ve been paying bills now for nearly 26 years and I’ll probably end up the same way as Dad did.”

Clarence was buried on Monday but has left one final bill for his lazy daughter to pay – his funeral fees.

“Sadly, Dad forgot to pay in advance for his funeral. He wanted dancing naked ladies and all sorts there. What he failed to tell me was that I’d be paying for it.”

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