Man pretends he’s on phone to avoid talking to someone he knows

A man has pretended to speak on his phone to avoid talking to someone he knew who was coming the other way.

Darryl Turd was walking to work this morning when he spotted an old friend, Simon Gunt, coming towards him.

Gunt told GrumpyFuckers:

“I was about to say hello when his phone apparently rang and he picked up. There was no ringtone and the asshole pretended that he was on the phone until well after I’d walked past him. I know he wasn’t really on the phone because he had it upside down for starters. It was a real shame because I wanted to ask him why he’s such an asshole – the last time he saw me, he jumped on a bus.”

Turd was unavailable for comment but his neighbour said that was a proper grumpy fucker.

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