Inspirational memes cure 97% cases of depression

Inspirational memes posted by social media users cure up to 97% of cases of depression. Social media users who post inspirational memes are often viewed as experts in curing mental health disorders. One social media user told Grumpy Fuckers: “I was down on my luck. I was really having a hard time of things and I couldn’t see a way out. Then I logged onto my social media account and saw something that one of my expert friends had posted. It was a picture of a sunset, saying that ‘I was enough’. I wasn’t exactly sure what or what I was enough for but thanks to my friend, I’m now completely cured of my depression. My life has completely turned around thanks to their inspirational quote. I feel like a new person. I now laugh in the face of depression and I skip to work every morning like a child. It’s been an amazing journey.” The user who posted the inspiration quote said: “I knew I could help.” A recent study has shown that nearly all cases of depression can be totally cured by reading an inspirational meme.
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3 thoughts on “Inspirational memes cure 97% cases of depression

  1. Grumpy in Illinois says:

    What’s this inspirational bollocks?!? Where’s Clive? Surely he can’t be behind this shite! He’s been kidnapped and being held in a hippie commune! Someone save him! Fuck off with your inspirational crap! Bollocks! Phew! I feel better already.

  2. Annbra says:

    You can always count on studies. Thank Heaven (whoever he is).
    And this was obvsly a well controlled study. I feel more controlled already.
    I just said, “Calm the f*ck down.” And I did.

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